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Kurillian Bobtail

  The Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair (KB) is a Natural Breed, domestic cat, that traces its ancestry to the Russian Kamchatka peninsula, Kuril Islands and the island of Sakhalin. This cat has substantial boning and is known for its pom-pom l ike tail. The Kurilian Bobtail Longhair (KL) is the semi-longhaired version of the breed.
Head 40 pts
Shape 10
Ears 10
Eyes 5
Nose/Profile 6
Muzzle/Chin 9
Body 40 pts
Torso 9
Legs/Feet 8
Tail 15
Boning 4
Musculature 4
Coat/Color 20 pts
Length 7
Texture 10
Color 3
Category Traditional
Division All
Color All traditional colors accepted.
Permissible outcrosses: None.
Shape: Large, moderate modifiedwedge with rounded contours, wide at the
cheekbone level.
Ears: Medium sized, wide at the base, slightly slope forward. Distance between the ears is equal to the width at the base of the ear. Ears are triangular in shape, slightly rounded at the tips. Light to medium furnishings.
Eyes: Walnut, oval on top and round on bottom. Set on slight angle between base of ear and tip of nose one eye width apart, moderately large. Color: clear, brilliant, no relat ion to coat color, white cats, vans and harlequins can have blue or odd eyes.
Muzzle: Rectangular muzzle, wider than long, slight ly rounded with an obvious whisker break.
Chin: Well-developed wide chin. A bit rounded in profile.
Nose: Medium in length, broad and straight.
Profile :Flat to ever so slightly rounded forehead with a very slight dip at the eyes and a straight nose.
Torso: Medium to large, compact, semi-cobby. Chest is broad. Back may be slightly arched, rump slightly raised. Females may be noticeably smaller than males.
Legs: Legs medium in length, substantial. Hind legs are longer than front. Legs almost form a square with the body.
Feet: Rounded paws.
Tail: Composed of one or more kinks or curves or any combination thereof, appearing as a pom-pom or brush. VISIBLE tail length with the coat is from 1.5 cm to 8 cm [.59-3.15 inches] for the shorthair and up to 13 cm [5.12 inches] for the semi-longhair. May be rigid or flexible or a combination of both (part rigid, part flexible). Size and shape of the tail should harmonize with the common appearance of the cat. When palpated, the tail consists of at least 2 vertebrae, with at least one kink or curve or any amount of combinations thereof. Palpated length of the tail is from 1.5 cm to 8 cm [.59-3.15 inches], counting length of kinks and curves. The tail can be described as “snag”, “spiral” or “whisk”. The direction of the tail is not important.
Boning: Substantial.
Musculature:Well-muscled, and firm.
Length (KB): Coat length: short. Tail coat: same length as body coat.
Texture: Soft, silky, laying flat, resil ient without a plush dense feel, moderate undercoat.
Length (KL): Coat length: semi-long.
Britches, toe tufts and ruff are desirable.
Tail coat: full and plumed.
Texture: Fine, silky, laying flat, moderate undercoat.
Color: All traditional colors accepted.
General description The Kurilian Bobtail is a naturally occurring bobtailed cat with substantial boning exhibiting a compact semi-cobby body. The impression one gets when viewing the Kur ilian Bobtai l is one of strength and power. This breed is known as an amazing hunter and fish catcher. They are affectionate and active, and must be in the company of their people.
Allowance Standard favors the male.
Allowance MUST be made for size difference between the male and female. Breed is slow to mature. Allow for wider head and ear set on mature males. Lynx tips allowed on ears. Allow up to 12 cm [4.72 inches] palpated length for “snag” or “spiral” tails, counting length of all kinks and curves, if visible length is no longer than 8 cm [3.15 inches] for shorthair or 13 cm [5.12 inches] for semi-longhair.
Penalize Tail length that is more than 4 inches [actual length] or less than 2 vertebrae. A Delayed Bobtail effect. Extremely arched back. Slender or oriental in body type and head type. Roman nose. Short hind legs.
Disqualify Absence of a tailbone. Deformations of the spinal vertebrae. Any tail without a kink or curve. Ta ils longer than 6 inches.

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