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Kurillian Bobtail

Body Compact, muscular, back slightly arched, rump slightly raised. Strong legs, hind legs longer than the front ones, round feet. The tail is composed of one or more kinks or curves or any combination thereof. Visible length without fur from 3 to 8 cm. The coat on the tail is longer than on the rest of the body (Pom- pom-effect).
Head Large, in the shape of trapezium, rounded in contours, wide at the cheekbone level. Slightly curved profile; medium long muzzle, rather broad, with gentle contours. Well-developed chin.
Ears Medium sized, wide at the base, slightly tilted forward; set wide apart and medium high. Distance among the ears is equal to ear size. Ears are rounded at the tips and open at base
Eyes Rounded, set wide apart and slightly slanted. Eye colour to be pure and harmonizing with coat colour.
Coat KBS: Short, with well developed guard hair and moderate undercoat.
Colour Varieties Chocolate and cinnamon and the according diluted colours (lilac and fawn) are not accepted in any pattern combinations (bi-colour, tri-colour, tabby). Also, the c s -factor is not accepted. Any other colour is accepted, the descriptions of colours are listed in the General Colour Guide.
Faults Tail from 8 to 12 cm or shorter than 3 cm, „Delayed Bobtail“-effect, only one vertebrum. Back too arched
Disqualify Absence of tail, short straight tail, length more than 12 cm.
Remark No outcrossing to other breeds. Novices are accepted only as certified imports from Kuril Islands.
Scale of Points
Head 20
Body 20
Tail 30
Coat Texture 10
Coat colour and pattern 5
Condition 5
Total 100
Breed index KBS – shorthair
KBL – semilonghair.



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